Crystal Therapy 


Crystal Therapy is an ancient art, believed to have been practiced in Egypt thousands of years ago. 

Some believe it dates back to Atlantis or Lemuria. Crystals have been used for sacred jewellery, healing, divination, and as symbols of power for thousands of years.


Crystals are beautiful, mystical, and healing - they are part of our connection to the Universe.


In a word – everything! If we understand that everything is connected, and that as energy is mostly invisible to the naked eye, yet has profound effects, we can begin to understand how energy therapies such as Crystal Therapy work. We are, after all composed of energy.


There are many ways in which crystals work, some are very complex to explain in terms of science, and of course there is the metaphysical and spiritual perspective. I have my feet in both camps: Spiritual and scientific – as i always state – these things are co-dependent and we need to understand that. If both of these groups, who are often in opposition, could see that understanding both views would totally transform how we view the universe, planet earth, and all life forms. 


My work with reiki has truly transformed my view of energy; this has been reinforced with Crystal therapy work.


Therapies such as reiki and crystal therapy is to balance the energy of the body, allowing the flow of 'life-force', which can assist in so many aspects of health and wellbeing. It stimulates the body's innate ability to heal its self.


Healing is not the same as curing, although some amazing results can and do occur.


As Holistic therapists we of course believe that humans are more than flesh and bone, we are also energy and spirit. Regardless of belief systems or spirituality – there is science within all holistic therapies. They work in tandem. We are connected to nature. All things vibrate with energy, and most of this energy is simply invisible.


Our bodies have energy flowing both within and around us, and it is this energy that is very much at the heart of holistic healing. Energy centers (vortexes or wheels) called chakras fill the body, and are where energy channels meet and energy is dispersed. Meridians (energy channels) carry Ki/Chi around our body. Alongside internal energy centers and channels, the bio-magnetic field, or aura, surrounds us and all living things. This subtle energy picks up messages from other people – both positive, and negative. 


 Subtle Energy is part of the invisible communication between all living things.


 We can use our energy to help us feel more in control.


Our thoughts really do create our reality – that is a fact. What we think – we are! Part of this reason is that thoughts create energy, if our thoughts are negative, then the energy associated can impact on our physical body, and out subtle body, and on other people. Trauma of any kind (especially emotional trauma) has a major impact on all the body systems, including the subtle body.



Crystal therapy is a very relaxing treatment. During a session, you will be asked to lie down. Remain fully clothed. The therapist will  perform a chakra test using a crystal pendulum to determine which chakras are too open, too closed, balanced, imbalanced... or to find any areas on the body (usually following the path of meridians) where energy blocks may occur. Again this is possible due to the energy that flows from our chakras and around us in our aura. As mentioned this energy is circulated/distributed in energy channels called meridians.


Any imbalances are noted. Imbalances do not mean illness! It can mean lack of flow in an area, a chakra that is too open, or too closed. It can mean lack of energy to an area, or conversely too much! 



 Crystal can be placed on the body, over clothing or under the table (crystal grid). Sometimes crystals are place directly on the skin (the hands, face, for example). Crystals are always placed in a discreet, respectful, manner



.The benefits of Crystal healing are well documented, as an ancient healing art that has continued over the centuries. 


Crystal Therapy is believed to:


Promote general wellbeing

Balance the body holistically: mind, body, emotion, spirit 

Help with stress and tension relief

Accelerate the body's self-healing abilities

Promote improved sleep

Help with low mood 

Speed up the healing process of physical injuries

Relieve pain and help reduce inflammation

Create balance within the body's energy field:

Remove energy blockages within the subtle body

Assist the removal of toxins

Support the immune system

Increase vitality

Be an aid to personal and spiritual development 



Much like reiki healing each person is unique and their experience will therefore be unique. 



Several sessions are recommended for people who have chronic complaints. The longer a condition has existed, the longer it can take before lasting results will be evident. However, one session can be very beneficial. Crystal Therapy can be used as little or often as preferred. Once balance has been achieved receiving 'maintenance' treatments (when finances allow), is always positive for any holistic therapy.



The whole point of Complementary/Holistic Therapy is that we work to support the client, to optimise the body's own healing ability, to help with symptoms. Healing is a process, a journey, there are often no quick-fixes, and it can take time. Although, sometimes one session can be profound!


No clients will be advised to stop any medication, or to refrain from going to their GP. Crystal therapy is a complementary therapy, not alternative. 






55 minute session $165

85 minute session $220